ScummVM experimental builds

These builds are created from the current ScummVM source code, taken straight from the GitHub repository. The builds are compiled for Windows (x86_64 and i686). Compatible with Windows XP and higher.

As of Sat, 07 Dec 2019 10:05 +0100, no builds are pending. The last build of ScummVM took 3 minute(s) (or 200 seconds) to complete. The current average build time is 3 minute(s) (or 183 seconds).

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]snapshots/2019-10-05 15:12 -  
[DIR]tools-snapshots/2019-10-13 22:32 -  
[   ]scummvm-snapshot-2.1.1pre-win32.7z2019-12-04 01:47 36MScummVM 2.1.1pre-86-g9cd518e670, SAMSUNGTV: Fixed compilation
[   ]scummvm-snapshot-2.1.1pre-win32.exe2019-12-04 01:46 37MScummVM 2.1.1pre-86-g9cd518e670, SAMSUNGTV: Fixed compilation
[   ]scummvm-snapshot-2.2.0git-win32.7z2019-12-07 06:08 41MScummVM 2.2.0git-1318-g55dba55056, SCI32: Fix kRobot subop 6 implementation
[   ]scummvm-snapshot-2.2.0git-win32.exe2019-12-07 06:07 42MScummVM 2.2.0git-1318-g55dba55056, SCI32: Fix kRobot subop 6 implementation
[   ]scummvm-tools-snapshot-2.1.0-win32.7z2019-10-09 23:06 6.7MScummVM Tools 2.1.0, RELEASE: This is 2.1.0
[   ]scummvm-tools-snapshot-2.2.0git-win32.7z2019-11-08 18:20 6.7MScummVM Tools 2.2.0git-3-gdab07d8, CONFIGURE: Update for modern MinGW

Currently, binaries are compiled with and (statically) linked against:

This server is running Gentoo Linux, the best server operating system known to mankind™. The toolchain used to create the builds is provided by the awesome MXE project.

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